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Organic farming. Good for nature, good for you
Present owner, Michael Stekhoven, acquired Modderfontein in 2001 and began work restoring the historical buildings of the farm. At the same time he started the equally enormous undertaking of converting the neglected farm to organic principles. Today the estate produces citrus (mostly oranges and easy-peelers), rooibos tea, buchu and cattle, all produced to sustainable organic practices.

Organic farming is a holistic way of producing food and at the same time trying to preserve the surrounding landscapes by using systems as close as possible to those that occur in nature. Organic farmers try to preserve nature as much as possible by using practices that are hands-on but at the same time low-impact on the environment, such as weeding mechanically instead of using herbicides and encouraging predatory invertebrates to help control pests, instead of using man-made pesticides. A healthy soil environment is created by using manure and by building up soil organic matter to act as fertility agents. This also help to minimise soil erosion and nutrient and water loss. Inputs such as manure and animal feed will in principle come from the same farm on which they are used, or from neighbouring farms.

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Aerial view of the orchards on Modderfontein. Organic oranges ready for harvesting. Cattle provide both organic fertilizer and meat. Rooibos Tea harvest.
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